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It was the day after christmas and the family went back to business as usual. I was driving to Pittsburgh from Indianapolis and had heard about an adult book and video shop in Wheeling called Dallas Pike. I pulled off at Dallas Pike and found my way to the store. When I got out of my car there was this hairy truck driver entering the bookstore. There was a large truck stop on the other side of the book store. THere must have been at least a thousand trucks parked there and I needed a blow job so bad.

I went into the store, got some quarters for the video booths and went down the hallway, the truck driver had disappeared into one of the booths and i did the same. There was a glory hole in the wall big enough for a small guy to crawl through. I put a few coins in the machine and started to select a video. The door next to me opened, light came in through the hole, and the door closed. A guy tapped his finger on the ledge and I turned to see what he wanted. He motioned for me to pull my cock out so I unzipped my levi's and pulled my soft cock out. I stroked some life into it and turned to him, his mouth was hanging open ready for my cock. I let him suck it for a minute or two and pulled away as I kept thinking about that gruffy mustached truck driver that I followed in. Soon the door opened and he left and in walked another cock hungry sucker. I let him and about eight or nine more guys suck on my cock for a minute or two and pulling away hoping for that driver to come into that booth.

Finally that door opened, and in walked the faded levis and boots of that driver. I saw his levi's drop to the ground and he kneels down and motioned with a few taps on the ledge for me to bring my cock closer. His cock was large and curved toward the ground, about 8 or 9 inches and thick.

As I brought my cock closer to that hole, he reached his hand through to stroke my cock. His touch drove me crazy and I needed him to take my cock in his mouth so badly. He pulled me closer and I could see his scruffy beard and mustache as I stuck my cock in his mouth. The cock hungry driver took my cock and gave me the best deep throat I have had in my life. I grabbed the back of his head and began to pump my hips and fought to hold my load back. After three or four minutes of this intense pumping i grabbed his head, held it still and delivered my load directly into his stomach.

I was still hard, fighting back making any noise as the money had run out in the machine yet the driver kept sucking and stroking his cock. I was leaning back to see his face as he sucked on my cock. His pumping of his cock got faster and more vigorous and I was about ready to shoot again. The sight of him shooting his load made me shoot a second load down his throat and I was done.

I wiped myself clean, zipped up and walked out of the store. As I was at my car, i heard the door open and out walked the driver, the best cocksucker I have ever met, and he turned to wave and said a polite "thank you". I replied "any time" and got in my car. I watched him get into a black truck and fire it up. I drove the rest of the way to Pittsburgh thinking about the experience and still jack to the memory.

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